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Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera (Licensed Barber) was born in the city of ” La Plata”, the capital of Buenos Aires- Argentina. This country is also known for the good soccer, variety of red meat for Parrilladas, their wines and their famous Tango.

Diego started his studies of barbering and hair styling at a very prestigious institute of his natal country back in 1989. Few years later; he traveled to USA to visit his father at New York City where once there and fascinated by all the business opportunities, he decided to continue his barbering studies and get a professional license to begin to work.

Now, in 2013 and 15 years later; he has completed and received barbering licenses in three different states: NJ, PA and DE.

Diego worked at a barber shop of Hoboken NJ, for many years next to a couple of Italian old school barbers where he enriched his knowledge of straight razor techniques and put his knowledge to work. He also learned from this place, diverse techniques of hair cutting and shaving including the hot towel technique that leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft.

Diego is also an expert on haircutting all types of hair, length and textures… whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy, he will always be able to please his clientele with the haircut they have in mind. He expertise in old style 1950’s , mad men style or very modern type of haircut. He can use either the clipper technique or the only scissor cut, whichever you prefer.

After three years of working in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, he has made his American dream come true and create his own place, “The King of Shave” Old school barbershop. This is a very special place with a relaxing environment where you can sit back and relax while getting a nice haircut, a trim or a shave to your taste and leave the place with a feeling of satisfaction and a new sharp looking hair style.

The best advise he can give to everyone, is to always make sure that his barber is licensed and that he changes and uses a fresh new blade every single time!

He will love to see you all there and personally give you the attention you deserve.


Ryan started his career of barbering at the age of 15 while in high school as an apprentice under Joe Cuttone aka Joe the Barber. Mr. Cuttone was an old school barber that came to America along with Ryan’s Grandparents. So of course Joe the barber had no problem taking Ryan as an apprentice. While an apprentice Joe taught Ryan everything he knew from traditional straight razor and old school barber techniques.

At the age of 20 Ryan went off the New York City to further himself. He was able to be an apprentice under George Pierre. George taught Ryan new age styling techniques. While in New York he competed in many barber and hair styling contests. Successfully mastering those skills through his apprenticeships he continued his education and received his barber license in NY, NJ and PA.

After mastering all those techniques Ryan wanted to stay close to home to keep his promise alive to Joe the barber that he would continue his legacy of the “old school” styling. He is able to do so with his 18 years of experience. Keeping up with the old school and modern techniques including traditional shave with hot towel and facial massage to updated all modern hair styles. Ryan is considered to be One of the best barbers of New School and Old School styling.

He is focused on making you look the best!!!


Gene is a barber/stylist who’s first interest in mens hair styles came from hanging out in his father’s barber shop in Scranton,PA as a young child. He is licensed in the state of PA and cut hair in Scranton until he moved to Philadelphia in 1990. He attended many seminars in Philadelpia and New York to enhance his skills.

In Phildelphia he kept his license current and enjoyed cutting mens and woman’s hair. His last job in Manyunk focused on men’s hairstyles,specializing in clipper, scissor and fades. From conservative bussiness cuts to trendy hip styles and everything in between.

He has learned most of his techniques from the professionals  he has worked for and with. He is excited about his current position working for Diego Rivera at King of Shave and is available tues through Saturday for all your haircutting services.


Ivan found interest in business since his childhood in North Bergen, New Jersey where is parents owned and operated their own business. The barbershop down the street caught his attention more so than working with furniture. Ivan started in professional barbering at 18 years old, when he enrolled in a local prominent Barber institute Champs Barber School of Lancaster, PA.

Guided by barbers instructors which specialized in different areas of the trade, they helped mold him into the versatile barber he is today. He’s been licensed in Pennsylvania since 2014 and worked in the same small town barbershop in Ephrata, Pennsylvania which gave him his first break for 2 years. In his time there he learned to cut all different hair textures and styles ranging from tight fades on curly hair to longer hairstyles which require more shear work. Wanting to continue his knowledge of the trade, moving to a bigger city seemed like the best move.

With their expertise in both modern barbering techniques and traditional style, The King of Shave seemed like the perfect fit. Relocating to the city has made eager to learn what Philadelphia has to offer and help his growth.